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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Street Dogs

Indian Culture is love and sympathy towards living creatures. We have always given love to animals. They form respectful place in our culture, tradition, belives, History and worships.

However, few problems we have to look from very practical angel.

Street Dogs is one of the important topics. Man is animal who has always lived with other animals even cruel and dangerous. But living with dogs has become untolerable these days. Street dogs carry unlimited nuisance of their barking and also a great threat to the residents specially kids of dog biting. There have been few instances of loosing lives due to attacks by dogs.

Now we all well know, that Supreme court on one writ gave judgement not to kill dogs, respecting their right to life. We accept and respect both, their right and Supreme court's decision. We also respect the sentiments of the petitioner. but then what about our right to life?

The problem has really arising serious issue in urban lives. There have been many street dogs on each road. They quarral with themselves, or while you walk you dont know who and when they will start barking at you and then immediately everyone looks at you like his/her enemy.

Their approach is right but person is wrong. But who will tell them? Now what can be the answer to this question! BMC cant kill them. But we can ofcourse raise voice with BMC. This is of course something our right to live with fredom, without fear or fear of life or injury. Secondly, I could see many dog lovers offering biscuits or other food to these dogs. I can understand their love. But roads are not meant to be homes of dogs. They are meant to walk, stand right?

I request all such lovers, please if you can adopt any of those, or create a solution, which will allow them to live with dignity and also the residents around the streets. We understand dogs are important, but human beings too...right?